Holistic Counselling Initial Session 

An in-depth holistic counselling session focused on identifying your unique needs, challenges and desirable outcomes.  

Price: $150

Duration: 1.5hrs

Includes individual counselling, family counselling and couples counselling.

*Online appointments available on request.

Holistic Counselling Follow Up Session

A personalised counselling session that offers safety, allowing you to comfortably be open and explore your inner self, alongside developing holistic life skills.

Price: $110

Duration: 1 hr

Includes individual counselling, family counselling and couples counselling.

*Online appointments available on request

Holistic Counselling 8 Week Package 

 Be supported weekly during 8 weeks of Holistic Counselling.

During the 8 weeks, you have the opportunity to explore the interconnectedness of your emotional, physical and brain health as well as the psychological aspects of your overall well-being. 

Price: $800

Duration: 8 x 1 hr sessions

*Full pre-payment required 

*Sessions must be utilised within 3 months of purchase date 

Life Skills 8 Week Program

Life Skills Program helps young people, aged 8 to 14, work through everyday life challenges with a holistic approach. During the 8 week program some of the topics we focus on  include communication skills, building self confidence and self-esteem, exploration of self identity, stress response versus relaxation response, time management, understanding feelings, mindful tools including meditation along with connecting mind, body, soul and emotion. 

Price: $600 ($75 per session)

Duration: 1 hr per week 

Ages: 8-14

Private Meditation

A private setting for you to connect to your mind, body, soul and emotions through peaceful meditation. 

Price: $75

Duration: 50mins

 Group Meditation

A perfect place to relax and unwind through guided meditation and breathwork with like minded others. You can choose to meditate either on a chair or on the floor.

Price: $25

Duration: 1 hr

*Maximum 5 participants per group.


Our workshops are designed to teach teens simple breathing exercises, guided visualisations, and mindful movement techniques that they can easily incorporate into their daily lives. By practicing meditation and mindfulness, teens can cultivate emotional regulation, reduce stress, and find inner peace amidst the challenges of adolescence

Price: $45 per session 

Duration: 2 Hrs



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