Young Minds

Holistic Counselling 

An integrated approach combining holistic counselling and mindful practices for children, teenagers, young adults, families and carers. 

 At Growing Young Minds we offer Holistic Counselling and Mindful Practices for young people in order for them to thrive, no matter their age. 

Holistic Counselling doesn’t just see young people as they are; it embraces them wholly – mind, body, soul, and emotion. It’s a journey of growth and self-discovery.

It is a path which is rooted in humanistic psychology, tailored to address the beliefs, values, and experiences shaping the world of young people.

Our focus is on creating deep connections between mind, body, soul and emotions in order to empower young people to embrace their true inner being. 

Having an understanding of the connection between mind and body is essential for young people to be able to explore behaviours, emotions and feelings.

At Growing Young Minds we provide a non judgmental safe space for young people and their families to holistically heal, learn and develop.

What We Offer

Holistic Counselling

A space that offers safety and freedom, to allow you to comfortably be open and explore your inner self, alongside developing various holistic life skills.


Guided meditation and breathwork to help you discover the power within. Learn how to calm the chaos, locate your inner core, and create balance.

Life Skills Program

An 8 week individually tailored program for young people aged
8 to 14 to work through everyday life challenges through a holistic approach.


8 + 5 =

Working with Children: WWC0305575E